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Professional Interspecies Communicator
I have had an ability since birth to communicate with many species living on planet earth.  My relatives were mosly dairy and potatoe farmers in northern Maine and Canada.  In my youth I worked on the farms in the planting and harvesting of the crops.  My parents always had a large garden as they grew most of the vegetables for a family of 22 children.

I enjoyed being near the horses, cows, dogs, cats, all species of animals and birds on my uncle's and grandparents farms and loved working in the family garden

I have had interesting and challenging experiences as husband and dad of four biological sons, two step children and eight adopted special needs children. Interacting with our eight adopted special needs children and our family animal companions helped me develop intuitive communications in depth.  My favorite animal companions were Kacey, a beautiful Rotweiler, and Annie, a wonderful caring cat.
     25 years as Social Worker and Educator
     20 years Professional Interspecies Communicator 

To manifest your deepest desires for health and wealth and get answers to your questions about what blocks your success;
   get answers about relationships, careers, your animal friends and plants;  And to connect with those who have passed  
   Paul E. Martin

See below for current Special Rates - Readings, Healing Sessions, Personal Coaching

Essential elements to healing and evolving
5 Step Process / Personal Coaching Reg 3977.00
Price: $2,397.00
Services - e-mail and phone
Deluxe Reading with phone session Reg. $197.00
Price: $147.00
Reading - Script only by e-mail or one hr. phone session
Reading: Personal / Animals / Ancestors Reg $125.00
Price: $97.00
group specials
group (6 min) reg 40.00 pp
Price: $240.00
Tracking Lost Animal
includes one or more connections
Price: $200.00
Evolve to the best YOU
8 sessions - 8 sessions Reg $797
Price: $597.00
Special Gift Offer - 150 value
send to friend or relative
Price: $100.00
Spiritual Mentoring
6 months / 12 sessions -- former clients - Reg $897.00
Price: $597.00

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