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To manifest your deepest desires for health and wealth and get answers to your questions about what blocks your success. Get answers about relationships, careers, your animal friends and plants.   

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   Paul E. Martin

How do I teach: oneness, aliveness?

There are two parts.
     ONE is to be who I am, who I want to be and act on that.  
     TWO is to manifest a wave of energy that brings forth success by honoring wants and desires of my truths
Three items are significant.  In the process of unraveling myself to get a better understanding of my existence, I come to know that each person's journey is different and yet much like mine.  That is beauty.  Abundant beauty.  A law of attraction is just that: a law, a known rule.  However, it is the light, not the law, that brings forth life, ever-changing on-going life.  That is the power of love manifesting itself over and over again.

ONE :  Determine the pace you intend to keep.  It reveals all you need to know about your process because that is what you repeat unknowingly to the conscious mind and ever present to the subconscious mind.  Pace is not about speed.  Pace is the formula you first act out on and intend to keep.  Unlike other processes, going away from this pace brings on ailments of mind, body and soul.  So, know your pace.
How does one know pace?  By observing what and how you do things with regularity without deep thinking.   Like an earth clock, it is set to tick right on schedule.  That is pace.

TWO :  It is about smiling.  The body needs to smile.  The mind needs to see the smile.  The soul needs to feel, know the smile.  So, what is your unique smile?  What gets you to laugh spontaneously without deep thought?  The inner beauty of your smile seeks to come out and express itself.  What brings a smile in your silence, your alone time?  Is it genuine or is it false?  Because when it is genuine you know its beauty and feel its warmth.  Pure honor.  That is most important.  Not how much or even how often.  When it is genuine it is healing.  That is the key.  In smiling, we reveal all who we are.  It is a warm embrace, a welcome and a call to join and expand the community.  Give.  The smile is the giving of self to your soul and to others.  Smile.

THREE :  A time for self reflection.  Meditation, quiet time, it goes by many names.  It is a process, a way, a willingness to open and be vulnerable to what nature, earth, the divine wishes to divulge to you to bring you to wholeness in steps beyond your pace because of your yes to the invitation to life, to creativeness to the father and mother of your being.  What is that father and mother?  They are descriptive terms that allow for dialogue, opinion, choice and resolution.  It is  not about commands or fear, judgment.  It becomes the revelation of self within and one with the cosmos.  All joy.  That is what reflection brings forth, joy.

Now you have the secrets to how the creative process works.  It enables each being, every species, every creation to move, grow and create joy.  Joy is more than mirth, laughter, emotion.  Joy is complete peace in knowing you are alive.
Be at peace.
Paul is certified and associated with the Edgar Cayce Institute for Intuitive Studies since 2010
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   Paul E. Martin

Animal Nation & The 8th Connection
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Tracking Lost Animal
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11 ways to Cause Hardships to Disappear
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Spiritual Mentoring
12 months 24 sessions - former clients - Reg $1688.00
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